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Blaze Of Glory Bostons

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⭐️Exciting Announcement For Blaze Of Glory Bostons ⭐️💫💫💫 After almost 2years of looking & contemplating & looking some more... Trying to decide if I wanted to add a brindle male  or fawn male to our program, I can’t hold in our secret any longer. At the end of December we will be welcoming in our new male.  We are grateful to Alisa Hamrick of H&H Boston Terriers for entrusting us with this beautiful fawn boy.... We are so excited to add offspring from health tested parents yet again of quality color to our line. We feel he will be a wonderful addition to our program. I’ve been chatting with Alisa now off & on for a few years & then recently found she was expecting a fawn litter. We have became quite close & she has been amazing to work with. She has gone above & beyond to keep in the loop, from x-rays till the time the litter was born, & almost daily updates there after. We were starting to get a little nervous after her momma delivered girl after girl & finally our boy, & the only boy at that, meant to be fawn boy. Now for the tedious wait, obviously I’ve been searching for a dilute carrier. So feeling quite optimistic, Alisa messages me one day with a Great Big Surprise, she took it upon herself to go ahead & test him for dilute. I can’t deny it, when she told me the news he was a dilute carrier I thought I’d cry, what an awesome surprise! I never thought we would get so lucky with only a 25% chance of him being a carrier, yup meant to be! I’ve been keeping his pics to share from birth till now. So welcome, Blaze Of Glory Oh Happy Days Fonz Of H&H ❤️ Call name Fonz & likely Fonzie ❤️ Of course I was already thinking of names when we are thinking about getting a new puppy. Already had the name Fonz in mind & was pretty certain I’d be going with it. So one day I’m heading to the store, change the radio & what else could be on the radio other then Happy Days, this boy is meant to be! Lastly, I am so thankful for all of the breeders that have had a hand in helping us grow, improve, believing in us, without them we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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